At Catholic Central High School, students are exposed to the highest-quality college preparatory curriculum in an academic environment built on faith, collaboration and individualized support of every student by an exceptional faculty.

In the classroom, theology and philosophy are seamlessly integrated with mathematics, literature, history, and science. Here, we examine the relationship between faith and reason. In doing so, we prepare students for not only college, but also for the life they are called to live.

The staff at Catholic Central High School, through a holistic educational approach, strives to develop individuals physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in light of the mandates of the Second Vatican Council and the National Council of Bishops.

We are guided by the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Those principles are integrated into all aspects of student and staff life, including liturgies and other religious activities, student and staff retreats, and across all subject areas and throughout all extracurricular activities.