AP Capstone and Diploma

AP Capstone is an exciting college-level learning opportunity that engages students in cross-curricular conversations that explore complex academic and real-world issues by analyzing divergent perspectives.  These courses build on student’s unique interests and require the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.  We want to ensure there is a mix of interests and perspectives on which to build these conversations, and we encourage all who are interested to apply.

There are two courses under the AP Capstone umbrella: AP Seminar (usually taken junior year) and AP Research (usually taken senior year).

  • In AP Seminar students will… 
    • Investigate real-world topics of their choosing from multiple perspectives, which often are different or competing.
    • Learn to collect and analyze information with accuracy and precision, develop arguments based on facts and effectively communicate them.
  • In AP Research students will… 
    • Design, plan, and conduct a year-long, research-based investigation to address a research question of interest to them
    • Learn and apply research methods and practices to address a real-world topic of their choosing

At its core, the AP Capstone program encourages students to think differently and gives them the opportunity to learn about and research topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Learn more about the AP Capstone program directly from The College Board website. 

Have questions? Here are a list of FAQ’s. Please read through the answers and if you have additional questions, you are welcome to reach out to our assistant principal by emailing lindaolejnik@grcatholiccentral.org.

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