Program Goal

All students will experience the understanding, the appreciation, and the creation of the arts in a Catholic Christian setting for lifelong appreciation.  Art provides knowledge about the world and ways of experiencing it that contribute to a global understanding different from that gained through verbal or written language.   Students will engage in various media, respect artistic expression, critically evaluate works, understand the role of art in cultural and historical contexts, and learn to be a discerning artist in everyday life.

Alumni Reflections

  • “Catholic Central’s Art Department offers a flexible and diverse curriculum that supports independence of creation. While challenging, the course nurtures developing artist’s passion and caters to every student’s individual talents. The teachers in the department not only help student’s growth in the CC family as an artist figure, but guide them to branch out and get involved with the creative community of Grand Rapids.” – Samantha Mast, Class of 2011, College for Creative Studies
  •  “Catholic Central’s Art Department taught me skills not only for my future in art education and in the art field, but skills that enrich my daily life. I was taught formal art theories, how to creative problem solve, think analytically, and consider my environment. I was always supported in my artistic endeavors while I was in the classroom and years after.”— Elizabeth Wilson-Fischer, Class of 2004, Michigan State University

Course Offerings

Art I / Drawing

Art II / Design

Art III / Independent

Art IV / Portfolio Development

Art Elements & Principles

Graphic Arts


Sara Olson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Art Department


            *Earth Club Advisor*

            B.A.     Aquinas College

                           Major:  Art

                           Minor:  Art Education

            M.A.T. Aquinas College

                           Major:  Education


Honors and Awards

  • Exhibitions at the G.R.P.S. art show at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
  • Shown and won awards at the Scholastic Art competition & the Franciscan Life Center show
  • Students selections in the ArtWorks program, contributing to a variety of projects around Grand Rapids
  • Internship placements with local artists

Department Offerings

Various art competitions and opportunities are available.  Also, advanced art students in their Junior or Senior year are able to take college level classes through Kendall College of Art & Design.  Students have graduated with up to 12 college art credits.