A database is a collection of information about a specific subject, such as medicine, that is written by subject experts, such as doctors and university professors. These collections are available online, are usually compiled by librarians and other research experts, and cost money to subscribe to. The following are provided by The State Library of Michigan.

Academic OneFile
This database has extensive coverage of physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, and literature. This database also includes full-text of the New York Times from 1995 to the present. 
Computer Database
This database holds more than 2,500,000 articles from journals, trade magazines, and popular computing magazines. 
This database includes information on countries around the world, including photos, videos, data tables, graphs, and interviews with children and adults, maps, flags, and the country’s national anthem. 
Expanded Academic ASAP
This is a general database for research, covering various topics. 
Health and Wellness Resource Center
A compilation of trusted medical reference materials, including journals, pamphlets, videos, and articles, this resource is a great place to start health research. This database also includes links to reputable health websites. 
Health Reference Center Academic
Similar to the Health and Wellness Resource Center, but designed for a college-level audience. 
InfoTrac Newsstand
This resource grants archive access to more than 1,000 newspapers (US and international publications). 
New York Times
Need an article from the New York Times? This grants you access to all of them from 1985 to the present day. 
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
This database has comprehensive information on nearly every hot button issue facing society. This resource gives fleshed-out information on both sides of the issue, including topic overviews, professional opinions (called “viewpoints”), primary sources, academic articles, news articles, statistics, images, videos, audio files, and links to reliable outside resources. 
SIRS Renaissance
This resource covers everything artistic. Search here for information on the influence and evolution of architecture, design, culture, literature, multimedia, music, performing arts, philosophy, religion, and visual arts. Many articles include full-color images, art reproductions, photographs, and illustrations. 
Michigan Electronic Library
Didn’t find what you want in the list? The above are selections from a list of databases to which all Michigan residents have access. Look here to see the full list, or ask your librarian for a recommendation.