Teaching & Learning in a Digital Age

We live in a digital age and our students have grown up in a world where technology permeates their lives. Their school life should reflect that fact while still maintaining a Catholic culture of instruction and faith formation that challenges them to know and love God. Catholic Central High School and its skilled teaching staff will incorporate appropriate and ethical technology usage to obtain an optimal learning environment for our students in which they can realize their full potential as active participants in both their faith communities and the market place.

We are committed to establishing a network able to distribute voice, data, and video technology to all Catholic Central students both during the school day, as well as at home and beyond. We are dedicated to providing training and support in the use of these technologies to improve instruction, enrich communication and build information literacy among students, parents, faculty, administration and the community around us.

Learn about Educational Technology at Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary Schools and our 1:1 Initiative on the GRCSS Educational Technology page.