1:1 Program

“We are living in an information-driven society which bombards us indiscriminately with data – all treated as being of equal importance – and which leads to remarkable superficiality in the area of moral discernment. In response, we need to provide an education which teaches critical thinking and encourages the development of mature moral values.”

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium {64},  Nov. 24, 2013

Catholic Central High School provides each student with an iPad as part of their learning toolkit. This section of our website will be your resource for all 1:1 program information, support, documentation, updates and more. For additional information, please click on the links provided in the left sidebar.

Improving Teaching and Learning
Catholic Central High School dedicates itself to educating the whole person while preparing students for the demands of the 21st Century. Current research and best practices support the implementation of a 1:1 program as the optimal way to allow for deeper, more active engagement in learning. With 1:1 access, activities and styles of engagement previously impossible or difficult to achieve are now readily attainable. Students and teachers are taking advantage of authentic learning opportunities to transform the classroom.

With iPads students will be able to:

  • use specific apps to support specific needs
  • engage in self-paced and/or self-directed learning
  • access analyze and apply real-time data and information in authentic settings
  • demonstrate learning in new and varied ways

Our goal in offering a 1:1 iPad setting is to continue educating the whole student while preparing each for the demands of the 21st Century. With 1:1 iPads we can ensure equal access for all our students to the highest quality educational experience within a safe environment that allows them to learn by doing, receive feedback, and continually refine their understanding to build new knowledge.

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After-Hours support line: helpdesk@grcatholiccentral.org
How do I? Check out our Apps Knowledgebase for assistance in learning to use the supported resources on iPad.
FAQs from the 2013 Forums leading up to implementation of the 1:1 program