iPad Troubleshooting

Here are some guidelines and resources for using and troubleshooting your iPad

Internet Access From Home

  • Make sure you’re logged into iBoss.
    • Search for the iBoss Login icon. Click on this to bring the iBoss login screen to open.
    • If you can’t find the iBoss Login icon, you can also open Safari, enter cnn.com in the URL bar.
    • iBoss log in screen appears — log in and go! cnn.com opens — you are successfully connected to the Internet — Go!
      error message…continue with the following

What’s the problem?  A, B or C below

A. No Internet Access

  • Restart your device
    • hold down the power button on the top left of your iPad
    • swipe ‘slide to power off’ when it appears on the screen
    • count to 10
    • turn device back on
  • Still not working?
    • Check the settings – settings > airplane mode OFF (not green)
    • Do you have wi-fi turned on? settings > wifi settings (tab is green)
    • Make sure you’re on the right network for your location (home, Starbucks etc.)
    • Do you need a password? Ask the network owner (your parents, the barista)

B.  Internet Access – Window asking for a log in

  • This is iBoss; our content filter. Every time you connect to the Internet from a new location you are asked to login.
    • username: your regular network password (i.e. johndoe)
    • password: your regular network password (xx######)
    • server dropdown: make sure CCHS is selected

C. Proxy or other error message

  • Follow the same steps from A. No Internet Access above.
  • Hotspot error
    • click on the URL bar at the top of the page and type in google.com or some other common, easily accessed Web address
    • This should force the iBoss log in screen — follow steps from B.  Asking for a log in

No luck? email helpdesk@grcatholiccentral.org

This email is monitored until approximately 10 PM every evening and will be routed to the correct support person.

How Do I?
iPad User Guide – iOS10
Moodle — Apps Knowledgebase (log in as a guest or student)
iOS Updates
It is advised that students stay updated with the newest Apple operating system. Information regarding this process is available
Lost iPad?
Please come to the help desk on the third floor and notify helpdesk@grcatholiccentral.org
Our management system, Airwatch, can also locate your iPad.
  • Location services for the Airwatch Agent app MUST be set to ON at all times.
    • Settings > privacy > location services — make sure Airwatch is in the list and set to Always.

L2L Student Intro Presentation
Watch this presentation to get an overview of class expectations, insurance, and repair procedure, empowering yourself to be a good digital citizen and tips from other students to get the most out of your iPad experience.