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Alumni News

The Alumni News and Alumni Newsletters are published periodically throughout the year to connect the community alumni, friends and family of Catholic Central High School. Thank you for supporting Catholic Central after graduation! We are proud to be your Alma Matter.

Current Edition


Alumni News 2015

Alumni News Magazine Fall 2015 

Past Editions

Alumni News Magazine Spring 2014

Alumni News Winter Supplement 2013

Alumni News Magazine Fall 2013

Alumni News Magazine_Spring 2013

Alumni_Newsletter_Fall 2012

Keep in Touch!

Let classmates and friends know what you’re up to.  Share with us your new degree, new job, engagement, marriage, birth announcements, etc., for publication in the Alumni News.  Email Ally Alderink, our communications coordinator, at allyalderink@grcatholiccentral.org.

With your update, please include: your name, at graduation and present; Class year; email address; current address and phone (if new)