Planning a Reunion

Planning a Class Reunion? The Advancement Office would be happy to assist you. Whether you need addresses, emails, posting on our website, etc. give us a call – we can help!

Advancement Office- Kristy Blackmore at 616-233-5897 or 

If you have a class reunion coming up, please contact us and we will post your information online.

Getting Started

1.   Choose someone to plan the reunion (it does not have to be an officer) and form your committees for planning the event(s). Some classes have picnics, golf outings, casual mixers, or formal dinners. Choose a style that you think will work best for your class.

2.   Contact the Advancement Office for a spreadsheet of your class list (Note: The addresses provided are constantly changing and we appreciate any contact info updates from your class).

3.   Choose a date and location for the reunion. Please consider holding your reunion at Catholic Central. Contact Todd Kolster at or Lisa Doyle at for details and availability.
Recommendation:  Plan your reunion around a home football game or Homecoming. We’d love to host your class at the CAT for the game.  

4.   Build a Facebook fan page or group (See “How to make your Facebook page”).

Keep in Mind: Many classes have money saved in a CSS Student Services account. The Advancement Office can tell you if your class has any money in an account.

Get the Word Out

  1. Contact the Advancement Office so details of your event can be posted on the school website and to the Inside CC magazine.

Notify the Advancement Office of:

  • Reunion date, time, place, contact person and other pertinent information.
  • Any email address set up for the class (i.e.,
  • The url for your Facebook page or any website set up for the class.

2.   Email: Make an email distribution list using the addresses from the spreadsheet, adding any from your own address book or those accumulated from classmates. You may want to start a class email address (i.e. if you haven’t already, so that one person doesn’t end up with all of the addresses.

3.   Facebook: Keep your classmates informed of reunion plans by posting updates on your Facebook page. Engage them by asking questions such as “Who was your favorite teacher” or “What is your best CC memory?”

4.   USPS: You may want to send a Save the Date mailing to test addresses as well as find out new contact information.

Finalize the details

Decide on a price that will include the food, postage, decorations, entertainment, and a cushion amount for start-up of next reunion. Send out an invitation with the price and response information.

If you would like, a representative from Catholic Central may come to your reunion to give your class a brief update on the “State the School” and take photos of your reunion.


After the Reunion

After the reunion, please send your updated classmate contact information to the Advancement Office so that the master alumni database can be updated. Please send email addresses, as well as postal address.

We appreciate photos from your reunion so we can post these on the school’s website, social media and/or in the Inside CC magazine.