Announcements 11-20-2018


The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.
William Blake

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY – On November 20,1820 The American whaler Essex, which hailed from Nantucket, Massachusetts, is attacked by an 80-ton sperm whale 2,000 miles from the western coast of South America.  Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick (1851) was inspired in part by the story of the Essex.

Prospective Model UN Participants:
There are only 3 remaining positions available for the conference at U of M (MUNUM, January 10-13, 2019). Interested?? Stop by room 306 for info AND/OR turn in your Delegate Fee and Permission Slip ASAP! Once spots are full, we will establish a waiting list.

Field Trip to Atomic Object Software Company:  Any female student that is interested in visiting this hip new software company during Focus Time to learn about computer science job opportunities on November 29th, please email Dr. Molloseau for a permission slip.  We will be gone during both Focus periods.

Smart Aid Application
Roughly 50% of CC students receive tuition assistance! All new and returning students to CC who are interested in applying for tuition assistance for the 2019-2020 school year must complete the Smart Aid application by Saturday, December 1, 2018. Aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis – so don’t wait to apply. You can access the Smart Aid application  here, and a step-by-step guide  here
Foundation Scholarships
Did you know that many CC students receive foundation scholarships provided by the generosity of our alumni and community donors? Don’t miss out on receiving one – apply by December 1, 2018!  Here are the foundation scholarships available for the 2019-2020 school year, and here is the application.

Yellow Lunch Forms need to be turned in A.S.A.P.  Blank forms can be found in the main office

Homecoming pictures are in the main office ready for pick up!

The Career Lunch Series kicks off on Thursday, November 29 during focus times.
Mr. Mark Cusack will be sharing on what skills and education it takes to be a business franchise owner. He is the owner of College Hunks of Grand Rapids as well an adjunct professor of Sales, Marketing, and Training at Davenport University. Fun Fact – Franchising nationally is a trillion dollar industry! Sign up on the focus time app.

Active scholarships are listed in Naviance. The following scholarship opportunities are now available:

  • Elks National Foundation Scholarship Program – 2019 Most Valuable Student Scholarship
  • Burger King Scholars Program
  • LMCU – Lloyd F. Hutt Scholarship
  • Guy Wilson Scholarship
  • William D and Jewell Brewer Scholarship
  • mcwt-Michigan Council of Women in Technology

School pictures (retakes) and ID cards are in the main office!

Talk & Tour Career Series

– Upcoming events:

Tuesday, December 11 –  Careers in Interior Design & Sales; and recently added: Tuesday, May 7 –  Careers in Health Care requiring 2 years or less of training!  Over 20 different career fields & industries will be featured over the course of the school year!  Events are filling up fast, so if a student sees a career they are interested in exploring, please encourage them to act quickly and get registered.  Get more details or find registration links on our  Talk & Tour webpage.

Lunch on Monday – mac & cheese, club on swirl bread & broccoli cheddar soup 

PRAYER – A DOMINICAN BLESSING FOR YOU –   May you be blessed by the God of Prophecy, the God who pursues and challenges you to proclaim God’s message in the everyday; who calls you to speak the truth whether convenient or inconvenient. May you be ever alert and open to God’s hand working through you and God’s Word spoken in you. May the blessing of Prophecy be on you. –Maxine Shonk, OP

Love     Lead     Serve     Strive     Wonder     Honor