Announcements 9-12-2017


You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.
Walter Hagen

On this day –  September 12, 1940 Near Montignac, France, a collection of prehistoric cave paintings are discovered by four teenagers who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern. The 15,000- to 17,000-year-old paintings, consisting mostly of animal representations, are among the finest examples of art from the Upper Paleolithic period.

NHS – Applications for NHS are due by 3:05 pm on Monday, September 18, 2017 to Mrs. Rawe in room 412. If you have any questions concerning NHS or the application process, please see Mrs. Rawe.

-Folders left at COREX can be picked up in Mrs. DeYoung’s room (304).
-If you can return the time capsule item to someone who is no longer at CC- please let Mrs. DeYoung know.
Next week is Club sign up.  If you are interested in starting a new Club please talk to Mrs. DeYoung or Mr. Jacob.

2017 Spirit Shirt Contest – We need your designs for the 2017 Spirit Shirt! All entries should be on paper and color designs should be drawn in or printed in color. Please have your design turned in to Mrs. DeYoung in room 304 by Monday, Sept. 18. The artists of the chosen design will win a Homecoming prize package and have their work displayed on the whole CC community.


As seniors are actively completing their admissions applications, there are lots of benefits in meeting the college representatives where admission is desired.  Networking with the reps can be advantageous throughout the admissions and scholarship process the next few months.

For juniors, meeting college admission reps is the best introduction to your college planning.  These presentations also help you know what questions to ask as you learn about individual colleges and universities.

ALL JUNIORS and SENIORS must submit a signed teacher permission slip to the Guidance Office at least one day in advance of a college presentation.  (Sign up slips are in the Guidance Office.)** The following institutions will be sending reps to meet juniors and seniors at CCHS this week:

Thurs 9/14 –

  • Oberlin College (OH) @ 7th period

Friday 9/15 –

  • College of Charleston (SC) @ 7th period

**Submit a signed teacher permission slip in advance to attend any college presentation.
Questions?  REPLY to this email or contact your student’s counselor

PRAYER – A DOMINICAN BLESSING FOR YOU –   May the God of Diversity be with you. From east, west, north, and south may you know God in every color and stripe. May this God instill in you a profound respect for differences in persons and their potential for revealing the true depth and richness of God’s creation. May your inclusiveness gather true community around you. May the God of Diversity, the God of inclusion, bless you. –Maxine Shonk, OP

Love     Lead     Serve     Strive     Wonder     Honor