Being anchored to the Cathedral provides a unique opportunity for students to experience their school as an institution connected to the wider Church. Community is a charism that should lead to the building up of the Kingdom of God in a local context while leading to an “opening up” to the larger, shared experience of Catholic Christianity.


Peer Ministry is an important organization, for selected Junior and Senior students, within the Office of Campus Ministry which helps to develop the charism of community within the life of the school. Thus, Peer Ministry sets specific goals and then enacts various action items to build up the Kingdom within Catholic Central. Active committees within Peer Ministry address such issues as hospitality to and mentoring of Freshmen and new students, anti-bullying, stress and anxiety, faith and spirituality, the prevention of substance abuse, depression and self-destructive behaviors, acceptance of diversity in our school, and family issues (eg., divorce).

Peer Ministers help carry the mission of Campus Ministry into the trenches of daily student life. They are commissioned to bring a sense of Church to the student body and to serve as ambassadors to the wider Diocese. Through their lives, Peer Ministers should model the Gospel and be true servant-leaders to all they meet. Through the work of Peer Ministry in collaboration with faculty and staff, that the presence of Christ should pervade the entire school community and the Diocese of Grand Rapids.