Retreat Program

Once each academic year, each class participates in a retreat. Each retreat provides an opportunity to reflect on and participate in the sacramental life of the Church. These experiences help to form students in a pattern of prayer, reflection, and discernment.

Freshman Retreat

This one-day retreat is held during the school day on the school campus. This retreat focuses on building a class community through prayer, action, acceptance, and discernment. The day concludes with Mass.

Sophomore Retreat

This one-day is retreat held during the school day off-campus (Camp Roger, Rockford). This retreat is experiential, giving students the opportunity to explore issues of trust, compassion, and the importance of relationships in an outdoor setting. The day concludes with Mass.

Junior Retreat

Built on solid Catholic social teaching, our Junior retreat will explore poverty and homelessness through education, discussion, prayer and a poverty/homeless simulation.  The main components of the retreat are 1. Poverty Simulation (provided and led by Access of West Michigan) 2. Viewing the film: “The Human Experience” with small group discussion 3. Simple meal 4. Candlelight Prayer Service 5. Assembly of a “Shanty Town” (Constructing simple shelters of cardboard boxes and sleeping in these shelters for a few hours overnight.

Senior Retreat – C.O.R.E.X. (Community Religious Experience)

This three-day retreat is held at Camp Blodgett on the shores of Lake Michigan. This deeply sacramental retreat provides the incoming Senior Class a chance to pray, share and express their faith in large and small group settings and participate in numerous meaningful activities. The retreat is a major school endeavor involving the entire faculty, staff, priests, and many parents. It is the core component of the Campus Ministry program. The retreat offers many opportunities for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.