Lena L. Allgeier Technology Fund

As part of the Foundation for Catholic Secondary Education, the Lena L. Allgeier Technology Fund provides much-needed hardware, software, materials and continuing professional development for West Catholic and Catholic Central students and teachers.

Why give?
99% of our West Catholic and Catholic Central and students enter into higher education. The goal of the Lena L. Allgeier Technology Fund is to:
• Fully prepare our students for today’s emerging college and
career opportunities
• Allow each school to direct tuition dollars toward great teachers,
curriculum and facility improvements
• Create vital community partnerships
• Invest in the future of Grand Rapids

A goal worth achieving.
While our aim is ambitious it’s also within our reach. From an initial donation of $75,000, we are seeking to achieve $500,000 in funding support within three years. This investment will ensure the longevity of the fund and scholarship availability for awarded projects. Please note that this is a restricted endowment; the 4% annual interest will be used for technology financial assistance and the principal will never be spent. As you well know, the larger the fund the more ways we can support our technological goals. These include:

Classroom Needs
• Tablet/mobile computing devices
• Educational applications and software programs
• Online curriculum resources (e-textbooks and courses)
• Modular tables and furnishings

IT and Building Needs
• Infrastructure support
• Increased bandwidth and wireless access
• Audio and visual presentation systems

Management Needs
• Data storage and business continuity
• Mobile device management software

Development Needs
• Additional support staff
• Professional development opportunities
(conferences, trainings, etc.)

Help us increase our Catholic bandwidth. Make an investment that makes our Catholic schools more relevant than ever, and prepares our students for a future of full of opportunity. Please, support the Lena L. Allgeier Technology Fund today.


View Brochure for more information: Allgeier Tech Fund Flyer