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Student Support Services

We believe each student has unique strengths, learning styles, and needs. It is our mission to support students in their intellectual and moral growth by focusing on student strengths, identifying their needs, and providing individualized support to meet students wherever they may be—as well as help students realize and exceed what they believe is their learning potential.

Academic Support Service brochure

Tutoring Schedule

  • Our educational philosophy is that “one size does not fit all” and that a comprehensive, student-centered model for educational service delivery and instruction is paramount to meeting the needs of all learners.
  • Our responsibility is to meet wherever they may be and to provide an equal opportunity to achieve success by reducing or eliminating barriers that may be caused by the interaction of an educational disability, medical diagnosis, and/or mental health condition.
  • We provide students and families with exemplary resources, services, and instructional support.
  • The DSSS partners with all stakeholders at every level of the educational process to ensure the most effective educational programming and intervention practices for students with diverse learning needs.
  • The DSSS integrates a variety of supplementary materials and technology applications into the learning environment appropriate to each student’s unique learning styles and academic needs.

We are a team: Our students, parents, and staff work together to support student growth and help students realize the power and potential of Catholic community support and an education grounded in faith.

We embody our faith: Essential to Catholic social teaching is respect for the rights and dignity of each individual. We believe all students have the right to a complete education designed to equip them to embrace the next challenge, build self-efficacy, and realize their unique God-given gifts.



Patty Joynt, L.M.S.W. – pattyjoynt@grcatholiccentral.org 

Director of Student Support Services 

B.S. – Grand Valley State University
Major – Sociology

M.S.W – Grand Valley State University
Major – Social Work


Sarah Hartwick sarahhartwick@grcatholiccentral.org

Student Support Services Administrative Assistant 


Faith Markofaithmarko@grcatholiccentral.org 

Reading Specialist for ASC

Accommodations Coordinator

B.A. – Seton Hill University
Major – Psychology/Theology

M.S.Ed. – Duquesne University

M.A. – Aquinas College
Major – Reading Specialist Certification


TJ Meermantjmeerman@grcatholiccentral.org

Academic Adviser

CAT Study Tables Coordinator

B.S. – Central Michigan University

Major – English/Secondary Education


Mary Beth O’Rourke – maryorourke@grcatholiccentral.org

Science and Math Interventionist 


Sue Passerosuepassero@grcatholiccentral.org

Student Support Specialist 

B.S. Grand Valley State University
Major- Special Education/Psychology

M.Ed. Grand Valley State University
Major- Special Education, Emphasis Learning Disabilities

Ed.S. Western Michigan University
Major- School Psychology