Academic Advising

  • Every student receives academic advising as part of course registration and the standard counseling programs. Students are invited to consider course rigor and preparation as part of personal goal-setting, career exploration and college planning.
  • Course registration takes place following the enrollment process. Counselors instruct students in the steps to take for selecting and registering elective courses online through Infinite Campus.  Each student meets with his or her counselor during an individual advisement to review courses of interest as they relate to ability and future studies.
  • Students also receive academic department recommendations and approvals for courses that require certain levels of academic achievement such as specific letter grades earned and prerequisite courses completed in advance.  In some cases, students may be invited to test for academic proficiency as another factor in course placement.
  • Students may review their class schedules within their individual Infinite Campus portal.

Questions about curriculum sequences may be directed to the Assistant Principal and/or a specific Department Chair.  A student’s counselor is also a helpful resource in understanding the individual education plan for the high school career.