Career Exploration

All students will complete exercises in Career Exploration led by the school counselors.  The following resources are utilized:

‘Do What You Are’ Personality Type assessment – Typically used in the 9th grade Guidance curriculum, this student version of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator allows a student to receive a four-letter code revealing a customized portrayal of interests, relational needs, communication patterns and work strategies after answering a series of questions.  A confidential report is provided upon completion where a student may apply results to educational and career goal-setting tasks.

Career Interest Profiler – Completed in the 10th grade Guidance curriculum, students have the opportunity to discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests.  Regardless of previous education or training, students answer 180 questions about whether they individually like or dislike doing a particular work activity if given the chance to do it.  Results rank an individual student’s strongest interests based upon the Holland Code (Holland Occupational Themes) of Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional traits.  Extensive career cluster tools and research is available online to CCHS students through their individual Naviance Family Connection account.

Career Lunch Series – All grade levels are invited to attend these unique workshops.  Guest speakers representing various job titles and career fields provide a reverse job shadow experience for students at CCHS.  Typically scheduled during the extended 5th period (including lunch/homeroom), students learn educational qualifications, matching interests and daily tasks/responsibilities that comprise professional work outside the school setting.  The convenience allows students to learn first-hand about specific career interests, ask personal questions and network with community leaders.

Kent Career and Technical Center – An educational alternative to traditional college preparatory curriculum, students (11th and/or 12th grades) may dual-enroll with CCHS and KCTC in which technical training in over 30 career programs is provided.

Job shadows, career seminars and individual counseling are additional resources advertised to students to supplement their career development during their experience at CCHS.