Academic Support Center (ASC)

ASC is an interactive study hall where students can strengthen specific areas of academic difficulty.  Eligible students work individually and in small groups with the ASC teacher on homework and preparation for their other classes.  By working through daily coursework in a supportive environment, students become independent learners and effective self advocates.

Specific support may include:

  • Organizational help
  • Study skills/test preparation
  • Reading strategies
  • Proofreading/editing of papers
  • Note taking

The larger goals of the ASC include providing an atmosphere that will assist students in realizing their talents while fostering an understanding of learning differences.  Our focus is on developing skills needed for college success while guiding students to their fullest potential.

  • The ASC meets students wherever they may be and guides them toward increasing independence through the development of effective study and learning skills so that they may realize the full potential of their God-given gifts and talents.
  • ASC offers a small, structured learning environment and consistent academic support in all subject areas for students with diverse learning needs.
  • ASC staff nurture strong academic practices and provide direct student assistance with class work, homework, study skills, testing, organization, writing, guided test reviews, note-taking assistance, and specialized reading support.
  • ASC partners with students and families in the development of supportive, strategic tutoring plans if a student’s academic performance indicates a need for additional assistance, or if referred by a parent, guidance counselor, or teacher.