Transcripts reflect the following information: student names, address, birthdate, gender, i.d. #, current grade level, diploma date (when applicable), cumulative grade point average (GPA) class rank, courses taken by academic year, credit-granting institution(s), course name/number, mark (grade earned), weight (grade value), individual course credit (by semester) plus total credits (by academic year).

Verbal or written requests may be made for transcripts in two forms:

Official – The transcript is considered ‘official’ when transmitted directly from the high school to the post-secondary institution or other requesting agency such as the National Clearinghouse Athletic Association, etc.  A secure server is used to send transcripts electronically.

Unofficial – An unsigned or unsealed transcript is not considered ‘official’.  The office may be provide an unofficial transcript directly from the student management system Infinite Campus or from a final hard copy (post-graduation).

Fee – There is no fee for electronic transcript transmissions. A nominal fee may be charged for hard copies that are stamped, signed or mailed.

College Admission – CCHS seniors must request all transcripts for college applications  through their individual Naviance Family Connection account.

Alumni transcripts – Graduates of CCHS may request transcripts by contacting the CCHS Main Office at 233-5890 or

Non-CCHS courses – Students completing coursework outside of CCHS may request credit-bearing courses to be listed on the high school transcript. With school administration pre-approval, non-CCHS course credits may be counted towards total graduation credits.  Grades earned in non-CCHS courses will not be calculated in the cumulative grade point average.

*Please note that standardized test scores such as ACT/SAT/AP assessments are not included on the transcript.  Students are recommended to send their test scores directly from the testing company by ordering online or selecting specific  institutions through the test registration process.  This procedure should be followed with each additional test taken.