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Essay Writing Workshop for College Admission & Scholarships

Seniors will receive instruction and support to write a personal statement or essay for the purpose of college admission and/or scholarships in English IV and AP Literature & Composition courses in early September.  For seniors wanting to get an early start to the college admission application process, check out the following details!

Seniors who anticipate needing more than one essay such as a supplemental statement for the Common Application or for scholarships are invited to attend this two session workshop. Tiffany Marrinan, CCHS English Department Head and teacher, will guide participants through the process of drafting, writing and/or editing a personal statement or essay for college admissions applications or even, scholarships.  Fee is $40.

Seniors may attend one or both sessions- August 36:30-8:45 pm and/or August 101-3 pm at the Catholic Information Center (2nd floor, Cathedral Square, across the street from CCHS).  Seniors MUST BRING their iPad. Although no pre-registration is required, a one-time payment (only cash or check to CCHS; no credit card accepted) is due upon attendance to either session.

BONUS- Seniors wanting to use the Common Application for admission to certain colleges and universities may create an account now (see link on home page from your Naviance login).  For no fee, a help session for the Common Application will be provided at both essay workshops for those seniors who want help completing or navigating this particular application.  Updated features for the 2017-18 Common Application will become available August 1.