Shakespeare’ Much Ado About Nothing

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What: Shakespeare’ Much Ado About Nothing (featuring a cast of students from both West Catholic and Catholic Central High Schools)

When:    Wed.- Sat.  Jan. 23-26 @ 7pm and Sat, Jan. 26 @ 2pm

Tickets:  Adults: $8      Students w/ i.d.:  $5  wo/i.d.  $6    Seniors (62+): $4

Available:      At the PAC Box Office By phone:   456-6656 or On-Line: Beginning: January 14

Where: The Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Aquinas College, 1703 Robinson Rd., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

It is 1898 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Spanish American War is over. Major Peter of Aragon, with his officers Captain Benedick and Lieutenants Claudio and John, visits Leonato, Mayor of San Juan, father of Hero and uncle of Beatrice. Their purpose is to establish United States’ authority over the newly won territory. Claudio falls in love with Hero and their marriage is agreed upon. Beatrice and Benedick despise love and engage in comic bickering. The others plot to make them fall in love with each other by tricking  Benedick into overhearing his friends talking of Beatrice’s supposed secret love for him. They also enlist the help of hero to do the same to her cousin Beatrice. Meanwhile Lieutenant John, the major’s angry brother, contrives an evil plot with the assistance of his followers Sergeants Borachio and Conrade: Claudio is led to believe that he has witnessed Hero with another man on the night before her wedding day. In fact it is her maid Margaret with her fiancé Borachio. Claudio denounces Hero during the marriage ceremony as unfaithful. She faints and when she recovers, on the advice of the Friar who is convinced of her innocence, her father Leonato announces that she is dead. Beatrice demands that Benedick should kill Claudio. A foolish town constable, Dogberry, and his watch overhear Borachio boasting of his exploit and John’s plot is exposed. Claudio promises to make amends to Leonato. He is required to marry