Staff Summer Locations

Although the academic year has officially come to an end, construction at the school is in full swing. During this time staff members have been temporarily relocated. The following is a list of locations where staff members can be found. They can also be contacted via phone or email.

Summer Locations:

Attendance Secretary Sarah Hipp, IT Specialist Mary Ottenwess, and STEAM Director Catherine Molleseau are located in CC 201 as needed through the coming weeks.

Vice-Principal Linda Olejnik and Dean of Students Mike Jacob are located within Cathedral Square in the Catholic Information Center on the 2nd floor.

Admissions Director Jackie Stetson is located in room 201 in Cathedral Square.

Summer Academies and Economics classes will be held in the Gallagher Room on the 2nd floor of Cathedral Square (Located in the Catholic Information Center).

Health class will be located in the Catholic Central High School Band room.

Guidance staff will be located in room 315 in Cathedral Square.

Principal/CEO Greg Deja, Secretary Lisa Doyle, and Technology Instructor Josh Friederichs will be located on the 4th floor of Cathedral Square.

The Advancement Team is operating out of the CAT.