The Greatest Gift Construction Logistics Plan


Here are some important takeaways about the logistics plan:

  •      Since our current main entry will be behind construction fencing, a new temporary main entrance will be created on the southwest end of campus accessible from Goodrich Street beginning May 18 and will remain until mid-September.  The security camera and buzzer will be relocated to this location as the only entrance point on campus. Temporary signage will be established.
  •      Drop-off and pick-up procedures will continue as normal. There will be no construction deliveries during student drop-off or pick-up times. However, if a parent drops off a student, it is necessary s/he exit the car once it comes to a stop on Goodrich St.  In order to keep traffic moving, we discourage people from inching up to the closest point of the new temporary main entrance to prevent issues on Division Ave.
  •      Student, staff, and guest parking should not be a problem for the remainder of the school year since the Class of 2017 will no longer occupy campus.  NOTE: Sophomores during the 2017-18 school year are prohibited from parking on campus until further notice.   
  •      Students will not be able to transition between the Main and North buildings through the cafeteria or the central grotto area for the remainder of the school year.    They will transition between buildings in a counterclockwise manner.   On the west side of campus, please know that brick columns, landscaping, and approximately 40 feet separate the area students walk from the public sidewalk on Division Ave.  We will position our security guard in this area during student passing times to ensure their safety between classes. Also, we are increasing passing time between classes by an additional minute to accommodate this disruption.
  •      Hot lunch is still available and students will be able to eat on the west side of the cafeteria.  A temporary wall will be constructed within the cafeteria so crews can continue their work on the cafeteria’s east side.
  •      Aside from the temporary wall constructed within the cafeteria, only external work will be taking place for the remainder of the 2016-17 academic year.
  •      We are reviewing this plan and other details with the student body on May 17.

The Greatest Gift Construction Timeline

  • May 17th – Rockford Construction starts mobilization to CC and establishes temporary fencing
  • May 18th – Temporary fencing up and new temporary entrance used
  • May 23rd  – Exterior demolition of the east side of the cafeteria
  • May 31st  – The Greatest Gift Construction Kick-Off Celebration, 4:00p.m. – All are welcome!
  • June 12th  – Interior demolition begins
  • August 25th – Phase 1 Complete: Interior construction of the Main Office, Guidance Office, Advancement Office, Student Support Services, 3rd floor classroom, library conference room, 1st floor conference room, kitchen/serving area, and ground level of the Student Center.
  • September 18th – Phase 2 Complete: New school entrance and 2nd story of the Student Center
  • December 19th – Phase 3 Complete:  STEAM Center  
  • March 23rd – Phase 4 Complete: 4th and 5th floor classroom renovations
  • May 5th  – All exterior landscape complete

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***Please direct any of your questions or concerns to Todd Kolster, Director of Facilities ( or Principal Greg Deja (  A similar memo of this nature will be shared later this summer detailing the state of the construction and any implications for the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.