Student Congress

By working with the combined guidance from staff advisers, parents, and the administration, we seek to provide our students with opportunities to nurture their innate leadership skills.  By facilitating school events with an educational, social, and service-based purpose, our Student Congress develops the sense of community needed to enhance their high school experience.

Student Congress serves the student body. The organization is committed to being the voice of the students regarding activities, fundraising, and school spirit. Student Congress brings the fun!

Catholic Central is rich with tradition, but our students are encouraged to embrace their potential and bring innovative ideas to the table to make their educational experience and school-related activities fun, exciting and engaging.



Student Congress plans and facilitates numerous school activities and events:

  • All A’s Scholarship Drive
  • Spirit Week
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Blood Drives
  • Christmas Families
  • Sno-Shuffle Winter Formal
  • Prom
  • Grade Level Events and Fundraisers