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Cost to Purchase a Yearbook:
$60 plus tax through Oct. 28
$62 plus tax through Dec. 23
$65 plus tax through Mar. 3
$70 plus tax through Delivery
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Senior Farewell (Baby) Ads

The 2017-18 yearbook staff is now accepting orders for Senior Farewell Ads.  These ads give parents the opportunity to express their love and pride for their sons or daughters upon their high school graduation.

Color ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown:

 Full Page $335 1/2 Page $165
1/4 Page $85 1/8 Page $50

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Uploading Photos for Yearbook Consideration

  • Go to, then search for Catholic Central High School.
  • Set up a log in and password and watch for a confirmation email to come from with a link to click on to log in and start uploading photos.  You will find a yellow button at the top third of the page that says “Submit Pics.”
  • Browse your computer to upload the photos.  There will be a screen for entering information about the image like where to put it and who is in the photo.  Fill out the information and click “finished.”.  Your image(s) will be reviewed for appropriateness and then placed onto

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Final cutoff date for orders, and ads, is January 15. If you have any questions concerning an ad, please call the yearbook office at (616) 233-5846.