Technology News iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom

Teachers here at CC are taking full advantage of the technology tools and resources that 1:1 iPads have brought to their classrooms. Tim Schrem’s AP World History and AP US History classes are great examples of this. On any given day, in this StarTrek themed classroom, students may be using Evernote to take notes in class, adding their own observations on diagrams added and shared with them by Mr. Schrems, or creating a study map using MindMeister. Mr. Schrems observed that “Approximately 50% of the students [in his AP classes] are using the iPad as their only note taking tool and another 30% use both handwritten and digital notes. The remaining 20% use traditional paper/pencil but still use the iPad to fill in knowledge with various research tools.” Students complete online worksheets via Google Forms, collaborate on writing techniques using Nearpod and use iAnnotate to comment and markup digital documents. “We are much more efficient in the classroom. Using Nearpod and other apps, we can complete in ½ of a class period what used to take two.” Students that are absent are still able to continue working on assignments and get immediate feedback so that they return to class prepared and ready to go. Mr. Schrems stated that he feels that participating in the spring pilot of iPads last school year was a great experience and really has helped with his implementation this fall. He also noted that the AP organization is becoming more tech savvy and are in the process of redesigning their textbooks and study guides to include apps and other digital resources. His classroom will be ready when that happens and will “[…] boldly go where no one has gone before.”