Professional Associations

Help the Next Generation Grow

Professional associations give alumni opportunities to connect with peers and share their knowledge with current students.

In 2023, Catholic Central established three professional associations, each with two primary objectives:

1) Networking and socializing opportunities for association members.

2) Outreach and support to current CC students and CC alumni in college as they discern careers and seek mentorship.

The CC Bar Association was the first group established. A six-person steering committee met spring and summer of 2023 to establish the group’s mission, goals, and bylaws. The Bar Association’s Board of Directors – Jim Brady ‘62, Katherine (Wolf) Broaddus ‘95, Dan Fricke ‘04, Jay Kakay, and Jay Rosloniec ‘90 – hosted an official kickoff reception in the student center in November. Association membership is open to active or retired attorneys, judges, legal service providers, or law students with a CC connection.

In late 2023 and early 2024, steering committees for the Business Association and Medical Association have met to establish founding documents for each group.

To learn more and get involved, please fill out one of the interest forms below or reach out to Rob Bonner at 616-233-5889 or


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