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college & Career Preparation

Building critical thinking skills through a lens of faith.
At Catholic Central High School, students are immersed in the highest quality college preparatory curriculum in an academic environment built on faith, collaboration, and individualized support.

Academic Excellence

Only STEM Certified High School in Michigan
Graduates Enroll in Higher Education
Student to Teacher Ratio
Advanced Placement Courses
Honors Courses

STEM certified

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Preparing CC students for careers in leading fields.
Science, technology, engineering, and math are foundational for next-generation careers. We expect CC graduates to accomplish great things, so we ensure they're prepared for success in higher education and beyond.
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AP/Dual Enrollment

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Facilitating exceptional growth for higher education.
Many CC students want to get a head start on higher education. We facilitate this exploration with Advanced Placement classes and dual enrollment opportunities that provide real-world college coursework in a high school setting.
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CC encourages students to expand beyond traditional frameworks.
Catholic Central students have access to a foundational curriculum that establishes an understanding of core subjects and critical thinking skills. In addition to these building blocks, we offer robotics, entrepreneurship class, a STEAM designation, and Career Connections to facilitate growth beyond the classroom.
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CC advantages

A community that supports all students.

The Catholic Central experience is more than just the classroom — the entire faculty and staff guide students through the next steps in higher education, service, or the workforce.

AMDG Inclusion

We welcome students with physical and intellectual disabilities to be part of the Catholic Central student community. By providing specialized support services like peer mentoring, we prepare these students for the success they deserve.

Student Support & Counseling

High school is an exciting time; doors open and new opportunities arise. But sometimes the path forward can seem daunting and complicated. Catholic Central staff are here to light the way, offering individualized support for each student.

Our schedule

Each day is centered around a custom schedule designed to encourage every student to complete their work according to their learning style and extracurricular obligations. Additionally, 30-minute Focus Time sessions three times per week allow for face time with teachers, work groups, counselors, and more.


From English to mathematics, students have access to traditional and innovative academic subjects.


Students will engage in various media, respect artistic expression, critically evaluate works, understand the role of art in cultural and historical contexts, and learn to be discerning artists in everyday life.
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English courses expand literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for college-level study, for understanding and communicating with the world beyond academics, and for life-long learning.
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The study of mathematics provides the student with a foundation of logic, reasoning, and calculation skills, increasing one’s problem solving capabilities and critical thinking skills.
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The music education program at Catholic Central High School is thriving and has earned top ratings at adjudicated festivals, toured inside and outside of the country, and consistently performed for community and Diocesan functions.
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Physical Education

Through a faith-based wellness program, students will develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for healthy, active living.
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Students will practice applying both moral and ethical principles when evaluating advances in technology, the role of science in society, and personal decision-making.
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Social Studies

Coursework in the social studies department will lead students to more fully understand their call to exercise the rights and responsibilities of participatory citizenship.
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The technology program’s goal is to develop the life skills necessary to meet the logistical and ethical challenges of living and working in an evolving world.
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Through many opportunities, the students at Catholic Central will develop a greater love of God, respect for the dignity of all people, and appreciation of the value of all creation.
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World Language

We provide a dynamic, interactive, multi-media environment aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of and appreciation for the languages and cultures we teach.
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