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Mentoring Program

AMDG stands for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – “For the greater glory of God.”

The AMDG Inclusion program is designed to benefit all students and create an environment where students of all abilities are welcome. Catholic social teaching guides our belief that inclusion promotes the dignity of the individual and the call to build community by honoring the unique gifts of each student. We seek to foster belonging through our peer mentor program, where students support one another in the classroom, hallways, and co-curricular activities.

Want to learn more? Contact Kristine Dahlquist at or 616-233-5861.

Student Stories

Parent  Stories

“The AMDG program at Catholic Central has allowed our daughter to succeed academically, to make new friendships, to gain independence, and to grow in her faith. The staff, and especially the students at CC, have given her opportunities she wouldn't have had otherwise.”

Chad Bice, '24 Parent & CC Staff

support where it’s needed most

Who is welcomed into our AMDG Inclusion program?

AMDG welcomes students with physical and intellectual disabilities to be part of the Catholic Central student community. Programming is specifically designed to support students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Many layers of support help to provide students with the success they deserve.

Who are Peer Mentors?

One of the unique facets of the AMDG Inclusion program is the peer mentor component, which allows for students in this program to receive one-to-one support within the classroom from a trained upperclassman. Our peer mentors are typically juniors or seniors who genuinely enjoy helping others to succeed. In order to become a peer mentor, students go through an application process and then are matched with their “link” (a student in our inclusion program). Students who serve as peer mentors take an academic class to prepare them for this role and receive support through adult mentoring and reflection.

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