Our Schedule

Empowering Students for Deeper Learning

More than just splitting up the day, our schedule serves as an important tool to deliver on CC’s mission, increasing learning, joy, purpose, and flow in the process.

Catholic Central uses a custom schedule to empower students and encourage deeper inquiry and meaningful learning. This research-based, student-centered schedule develops the whole person by prioritizing students’ learning needs and their overall well-being.

In this schedule, students have 8 carriers (classes) for their academic and elective courses with longer class periods (60-80 minutes, typically) over a two-week rotation. On any given day, students have 4-5 carriers instead of the typical 7-8 found with a traditional bell schedule. With fewer transitions and fewer classes per day, there’s more time for students to engage in multiple learning modes, work together on projects, and conduct more comprehensive lab work and experimentation.

While the homework load is similar to other college-prep high schools, students are free to complete work on their own schedule, which supports their ability to participate fully in sports, fine arts, and other extracurricular activities.

Schedule Highlights
  • 8 carriers allow time for study hall or an extra elective.
  • Focus Time: 30 minutes, two times/week during the school day provides time to make up assignments, meet with teachers and peers, participate in clubs, and more.
  • A late start on Monday morning (8:45 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m.) allows for students to transition into the school week with ease.
  • 30-minute daily lunches offer ample time for nutrition and socializing.
  • Built-in Wednesday masses offer consistent time for worship and prayer.

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